Healing Helen

Thank You HH Supporters

Helen Windsor

First of, I want to send a HUGE HUGE Thank you hug to all of my wonderful supporters. This art journey could not be possible with all of you in my life. I am happy to see the Spirit Animals are providing much joy and healing to those acquiring them.

Secondly, I am really looking forward to 2018 and seeing more doors opening. I feel like my art will be transforming onto its own and I am looking forward for the Spirit Animals and Plant Spirit to guide my on this journey.

Stick around Folks! I will be creating a bit more: Hand painted drums, leather-burned goods etc.


Much love and Be Well!!!


Healing Helen

Flocks of Pillows Circle the Sky!

Helen Windsor

So many things to do and in such little time!

Over the next few months I have some pretty big shows to stock up for. The one I am hoping will be a great success is the upcoming Vancouver Gift Show. This will allow my pillows to enter into a larger market across Canada. I do still want to keep it small and want to stay in the smaller boutique style stores.

After that, CHRISTMAS SEASON will commence! I love Christmas and the markets are just as fun to participate in. I will be only in three shows this year: First Chance at the Mary Winspear, Out of Hand in Victoria and Las Chance back at Mary Winspear,

Time to stock up with all of my goodies and hoping to have a successful season. 

Let the pillows fly!


Fear to Succeed!

Helen Windsor

Welcome to my new online retail store! I am happy to finally have it up after months of debating if this was truly the next step in my business.

I have noticed that I had this constant fear of taking the next step. Not because of failure. At least with failure, you are free to move on to the next project. No...for me...it is a fear to succeed, Crazy, right? If I succeed, that means I actually have to take the next steps into growing my business. That is the scariest part. I am setting aside the fear allowing my intuition take over and guide me to where I need to go.

Trust me, there are times when I want to pack it all up and quit, but instead I allow myself to stop, take a break and let things go. It is at these moments when I feel an urge, a drive inside me to push myself further. As if a magnet was pulling me towards where I need to go. Therefore, I am following my intuition and telling FEAR to go bugger right off.


Be well!