Healing Helen

Fear to Succeed!

Helen Windsor

Welcome to my new online retail store! I am happy to finally have it up after months of debating if this was truly the next step in my business.

I have noticed that I had this constant fear of taking the next step. Not because of failure. At least with failure, you are free to move on to the next project. No...for me...it is a fear to succeed, Crazy, right? If I succeed, that means I actually have to take the next steps into growing my business. That is the scariest part. I am setting aside the fear allowing my intuition take over and guide me to where I need to go.

Trust me, there are times when I want to pack it all up and quit, but instead I allow myself to stop, take a break and let things go. It is at these moments when I feel an urge, a drive inside me to push myself further. As if a magnet was pulling me towards where I need to go. Therefore, I am following my intuition and telling FEAR to go bugger right off.


Be well!