Healing Helen


Life is good...The Good Life is even better!

About the Artist

Helen Windsor was born and raised in Coquitlam, B.C. and now resides in the quaint village of Brentwood Bay, B.C. Always interested in many forms of creative art, Helen kept her drawings to herself for most of her life. It was an outlet that was only shown to trusted family and friends. After an absence of creating art for over 10 years, due to life’s responsibilities, Helen caught the art bug and has not stopped since.

Self-taught by using her intuition, Helen’s art transformed dramatically over the last couple years. Working with black archival ink, white gel ink, india ink, metallic pigment powder ink and gold/copper/silver leafing pens, Helen creates her art using geometric shapes, lines, patterns and symbols. All of Helen’s art is based on the sanctity of the soul and the story of each animal’s perspective. I’d like to invite you to explore my art and see if you can find a connection.

Healing Helen Spirit Art is home for custom and original art, Fine Art/Archival prints, art cards, home decor and fashion of animal spirits infused with positive energy. Helen believes strongly in the power of energy work as a Reiki practitioner, and it is her goal to offer healing art that incorporates the power of her hands and heart through her art and energy work respectively.

Helen currently works from her farm home studio in Brentwood Bay, B.C.

helen w couch pix-5881.jpg

Why Spirit Art?

I have a very deep connection with animals; whether it is cats, dogs, horses, chickens, wolves, bears etc. I feel that when I am at a cross-road in life, I ask for them to guide me on my journey. The same is very true for others in this world. The animals around us are great guides into how we should proceed in our life's journey.

Hear their call and let them guide you!

Time and Process

Once I finish my art on paper, which can take 15-20 hours to create, I then take a high-res photo and clean it up on the computer. It can take several hours, as I basically have to redraw the entire picture on my iPad Pro. Due to the fine details of my artwork, it can get lost in the photo/editing process. Add on an extra 5 hours. PLUS, add on extra time to create teach product using Illustrator or some other online mock-up tool. LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!!

100% Canadian Made

All of my products, from prints to pillows are manufactured for me within Canada. I am always looking for ways to getting my treasures produced as close to home (B.C.) as possible. 

Now to find a production house to create my pillows on different fabrics! Hi Ho Hi Ho,tis off on a search I go!